3 Best Free Software to Use for Freeing Up Hard Disk Space on Your Devices

Is your computer or smartphone starting to run slowly? The simple act of uninstalling programs won’t bring significant results. What you need to do is to find the space-consuming files (such as cache files and system log files) and get rid of them.

If you need to clean up your hard disk right now, here are the top three apps that can help you do the job easily. And the better news? They won’t cost you a thing.


This one-click, safe-to-use software uses an advanced reverse search engine to optimize and free hard disk space on your PC. It does so by scanning the computer to eliminate unnecessary files like ApplicationData SubItems logs, Microsoft .NET Framework logs and many others. Every time your PC boots, the UnCleaner’s Auto Clean feature will automatically free up your storage space without causing a delay to your startup time. And with just one click on “Clean” after the initial scan, you can complete the entire process.


Compatible with Android devices, CCleaner allows you to easily get rid of junk files, make your phone run faster, remove app cache and browser history, and remove SMS messages and call logs. This cleaning software also has a free version for Windows and Mac desktops.


Did you know that the biggest space-hoggers in your hard disk are your photos? Yes, those JPEG and GIF files consume large space, especially if too many of them just sit in your device. PNGGaunlet works by converting big files such as JPEG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF files to smaller PNG files without losing image quality. This nifty online tool is ideal for photographers and the regular folks who have thousands of images stored on their computers.

Aside from using one or two of these cleaning apps, there are other ways to free storage space on your device, such as using cloud storage, using browser-based software, compressing files, and using an external hard drive.