Frank Hick is the founder and administrator of the NovaFTP blog, an online resource for software developers and engineers with a focus on operating systems.

Frank is a seasoned software development professional with almost a decade’s worth of experience and expertise. He is a self-taught developer who started out as a graphic designer and built his portfolio. While working, he mastered the trade and promised himself that someday, he will devote his time and resources to building a venue where young developers can learn coding, programming, and other aspects of software development on their own. And now, here’s the blog that fulfills that commitment.

While NovaFTP is all about software development and operating systems, it caters not just to the development guys but also to the regular folks who want to improve their experience using their computers or smartphones.

Tips and tricks, as well as useful lists, can be found here to help consumers make the right choices when it comes to OS and apps that help improve their systems.

This blog is still a work in progress, so feedback is most welcome. You can reach out to Frank by sending him an email ([email protected]), and he will get back to you as soon as possible.