Top 5 Free Lightweight Operating Systems for Computers in 2017

Looking for a good alternative to the conventional operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS X?

You’ll be glad to know that a lot of operating systems are available that offer a broad range of features, including speedy processing.

Listed here are some lesser-known yet powerful systems that aren’t just free but also lightweight, meaning they don’t take up much of your computer’s hardware resources.

Linux Mint

Featuring a modern and elegant interface that appeals to the younger users, Linux Mint is considered one of the best in terms of software management, thanks to its robust Linux architecture and unique Update Manager feature. This powerful OS is user-friendly and comes with complete multimedia support.


Perhaps the most popular OS on this list, Ubuntu is an open-source Gnome-based system that’s built as an alternative to Microsoft Office and Windows. It features a myriad of useful apps, including media apps, a web browser, instant messaging, and office suite, among many others.


If Ubuntu doesn’t appeal much to you, you might want to look into using EasyPeasy. This easy-to-install OS works out of the box by providing the necessary apps and codecs for functionalities such as playing MP3 files. It also comes integrated with Picasa and Skype.


This general-purpose OS comes next to Ubuntu in terms of popularity as a Linux-based operating system. It aims to be the leader in offering an OS that contains software under a free and open-source license.


Want to build an Android PC? Then the RemixOS is ideal for you. Essentially, using RemixOS enables you to enjoy Android-based games and apps on your desktop or laptop. It also allows you to boot the OS from a USB drive.

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When you’re tired of the problems you encounter with traditional operating systems, know that you have other options that are available without any cost.