Top Blogs

Are you a software developer looking to constantly update your knowledge and skills? One of the most effective ways to do so is to follow and read blogs about web, application, and software development. To get started, here is a list of must-visit blogs for you to choose from:


David Walsh Blog

A senior web developer of Mozilla, David Walsh shares his insights and advice regarding front-end technologies, including CSS, HTML/5, and JS.


The Daily WTF

Learning about software development doesn’t have to involve serious stuff all the time. You can take a breather and spend your free time browsing through The Daily WTF, a blog that perfectly fuses information with humor. It’s an entertaining read as it’s a helpful resource, thanks to its how-not-to guides.


Word Aligned

Another humor-oriented development blog on this list, Word Aligned combines coding tips and techniques with jokes and personal anecdotes that are sure to entertain and educate.


Code Simplicity

This blog is created and maintained by one of Google’s software engineers, Max Kanat-Alexander, who authored a book on software development. As its name implies, Code Simplicity is intended to provide tips and guides on simplifying software design.


Coding Horror

Covering topics related to security and software development, veteran web developer Jeff Atwood pushes the need for studying the people behind the software instead of just focusing on studying codes.


Six Revisions

For anyone who’s working on app and website development, Six Revisions is a must-read. It features news, tips, and tutorials for web designers and developers.